BVJSS - July 2017

“Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much”

Thank you dear friends for your generous support. We are proud n happy to share that today we have contributed for 15 days food requirement of BVJSS kids (appx 2200 kg grocery). And also have paid for their one month water requirement from 13th July’17 to 14th August'17.

Today we have served them lunch which includes kheer ,vegetable, pulao and chapati. Also served bananas which were contributed by our subji vendor Gyaneshwar.

Joy and happiness on the faces of those kids is the biggest satisfaction and gratitude we receive and would like to share with you all as this achievement is only because of generous contributions and support from Amanora citizens.

Looking forward for continued support.

Thanks once again.

Team Annapurna

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