प्यार से बड़ा कोई धर्म नहीं होता । परोपकार  से बड़ा कोई कर्म नहि होता

ANNAPURNA is formed in April 2017, with the help of few friends.

We do raddi drive every month once and d fund we are collecting we are  using for orphanages,  old age homes  or  needy people related to food and their requirements

If everyone minimum sponsor 1 kg of grain from their monthly grocery society will collect huge amount 

 so we can help any needy people.

We don't give cash to any one.


Projects we have done you can check on our FB page Annapurna group

Please visit our website www.annapurnateam.com

For further information please contact

Shashi Singhee


Thanks each and

 every one who are supporting in this journey 🙏🙏

No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone

Keeping this in mind, Annapurna Group is formed, which comprises group of ladies from Amanora Township who have joined hands to serve the society at large. Beginning there were 10 members and now around 40 members have joined Annapurna Group


Their main goal is to continuously contribute towards the society in much larger and impactful manner to make a difference in the lives of the people at large.
They would also like to help with medicine and education.


Vatsalya Dham (Old age Home) Project - Annapurna Group has provided food to the citizens of Vatsalya Dham
Amanora Labour Camp Project - Annapurna Group celebrated Labour Day May 1st 2017, at Amanora labour Camp by distributing groceries to the families of Labour Camp and feed Burger to the kids of Labour camp.
Cancer Patients Aid Association Project - They have distributed groceries to Cancer Patients
Deep Griha Society Project – In this visit to ‘Deep Griha Society’ NGO who looks after 150 kids, Annapurna group donated groceries to support more than a month’s food requirement also distributed Juice, fruits and cakes
BVJSS Project – In this project, they have distributed groceries (appx 2200 kg) as well as paid for one month water tanker requirement.



They felt unparalleled satisfaction and contentment on seeing the happiness and joy on the faces of young kids / senior citizens. This motivates them more to reach out to the weaker / needy sections of the society. Each serving enhances their experience and inspire them to grow stronger and helpful. Their entire team is dedicated and hardworking and want to expand as they mature.

“Giving is not just about making a donation but about making a difference” that what Annapurna Group is expressing by their actions, lets join their hands for this noble cause.

Annapurna on FaceBook

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